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  1. Health & Healing

    A Families’ Guide to Health & Healing, home remedies from the heart


    A Families’ Guide to Health & Healing, home remedies from the heart by Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D.


    “I have been blessed to be involved with Hippocrates’ development and success, a significant part of which has been Anna Maria Clement’s dedicated application of her profound wisdom and international experience as a valued health-professional.  Health & Healing:  Home Remedies from the heart is the ideal link between history and future, between nature and science, between institute and home, between you and your health.  Use this practical and comprehensive guide in your daily life and share it with everyone whom you know.  Not only is it a roadmap to wellness, it is a user’s manual for the soul!” Quote by Viktoras Kulviniskas, Author of Survival into the 21st century.


    #7 Series for Living

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  2. Killer Clothes

    Killer Clothes


    Killer Clothes by Anna Maria and Brian R. Clement, PhD, NMD, LN – Co-Directors, The Hippocrates Health Institute


    The clothes you wear may shorten your life and impact your health.


    Did you know that:


    Wearing a bra, especially a tight one, can increase your chance of developing breast cancer.  Synthetic fibers are such a burn hazard that the U.S. military prohibits troops from wearing them off base.  Man-made fibers in sportswear can reduce an athlete’s competitive edge.  Close-fitting synthetic underwear can contribute to infertility in men.  Adequate testing has not been done to determine whether fabric additives, such as insecticides and metals, can safely be in constant contact with human skin.


    Man-made clothing fibers, such as nylon, spandex, and Teflon, have only replaced cotton, wool, and silk over the last sixty years.  During this time there’s been a significant increase in health problems that may be associated with wearing synthetic garments:  Fertility problems, respiratory disease, contact dermatitis, and cancer.


    Killer Clothes reveals the many ways that synthetic clothing, chemicals added to garments, and tight clothing and tight shoes create dangerous problems for human health.  Dr. Anna Maria Clement and her husband Dr. Brian Clement, co-directors of The Hippocrates Health Institute, document the rise in health problems that has paralleled the increase use of synthetic clothing fibers.  They intend to create a wider awareness of the many medical studies—which the media has mostly ignored—showing the harmful consequences to health of wearing synthetic clothing.


    Learn:  What fabrics and chemicals to watch for when selecting clothing.  How to identify deceptive synthetic fabrics, why to avoid any garment that is advertised as being antishrink, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antistatic, antiodor, antiflame, antiwrinkel, or antistain.  The advantages for choosing natural fibers.  Tips for ecological and health-friendly cleaning.



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